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NDIS carer Services Sydney

NDIS Carer Services

An NDIS Carer is vital for the health, wellbeing, and development of a disabled individual. As such, at AHS we have placed great importance on ensuring that all carers we recommend are well- qualified, caring, and friendly. Additionally, with NDIS funding, the cost of carers is subsidized, as they are vital people in a disabled individual’s life.

We can provide the support and care for those NDIS who require it. Some of the services provided as a carer is:

  • General day- to- day hygiene and personal groomingThis would include showering, brushing the individual’s teeth, etc., and in general ensuring that they are able to maintain a basic level of cleanliness. Hence, this would lead to the disabled individual’s feeling more put together and accomplished.
  • Ensuring that medication is takenMedication may be a big factor in the lives of these disabled individuals, however, remembering to take them might not be so easy. Hence, by having a carer who is able to provide them with their needs as frequently as required, this could allow them to go about their days without having to stress about their medication.
  • Cook them mealsHaving a carer simply cook meals for the dependent would take out a large stress of what they are eating. This would also prevent them from buying take- out for most meals, as this is very unhealthy.

And finally, having a carer could simply provide the companionship that some NDIS participants truly yearn for. Carers are able to provide comfort and support in both the highs and lows of life.

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